Susan von Seggern is IceWind USA’s PR director and marketing manager, handling corporate and product PR for the company, along with managing a marketing team that handles social, web, and SEO.Susan is one of the most well-known and well-liked publicists in Los Angeles. In LA for more than 20 years, her work as a major label publicist, CEO of a boutique PR agency, time spent in political PR, her globe-trotting exploits in corporate PR, and her return to consulting for events, corporate, cause, and cultural clients have exposed countless journalists and influencers to Susan’s honest, positive and tenacious PR style.Honing her PR strategies during over two decades in PR, Susan knows that she can take her interesting, news worthy and active clients to new highs of media coverage, creating strategies that employ the latest PR tactics such as social media and hyper-local coverage with tried and true methods including events, press releasing and sustained media outreach.

What’s your background in sustainability?
I’ve always been into sustainability, when I was in NYC in college I’d take my papersand magazines to the recycling center in the West Village! But professionally, I started doing sustainability work when I was doing political PR in the 2004 election cycle, pitching Dem primary presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich’s green plans tomedia. After politics and a corporate gig, when I returned to consulting in 2008 I got really involved in sustainability, working with Rock Row, LA’s first small lot development which was also super green, and solar install ready, the green demo home Marrakesh House, and working with the Women of the Green Generation networking group. Over the years I’ve had a number of other sustainability projects,most recently Geoship, who are building naturally sustainable dome homes, and now IceWind.

What do you do for IceWind?
I manage IceWind’s PR – so getting them covered in online news outlets, blogs, podcasts, magazines and more. I also built the marketing team of social, web, and SEO specialists, and sort of nominally manage them, they are all great and senior people so it’s not like they need any micromanagement. I love building teams like this!

What excites you about IceWind?
I love that IceWind is a totally different take on renewable energy, it’s the local installation/control of solar, with usability in so many places solar doesn’t work – cold, dark, windy places. And it’s a way to use wind that harks back to its original use – powering small local needs – it was milling grain originally, now it’s powering small power needs for residential and commercial uses – telecom, outdoor advertising, remote stations. Those use cases often had diesel generators which are so dirty before, now they can use nice clean wind!

If you could put an IW wind turbine anywhere, where would you set one up?
Well since I’ve worked on both Geoship and IceWind this year, my husband and I talk about building a Geoship house and powering it with an IceWind turbine or two.That will be wherever we move next. We live in Hollywood now, but are considering moving to North Hollywood, right over the hill, or Hollywood North (aka Vancouver) if we can swing it, we’ll have to see!

Favorite quote about Planet Earth?
I’m a Buddhist so I really love the Dalai Lama’s teachings on saving the earth, in one he says:

“the destruction of nature and wildlife populations is a result of ignorance, greed, and lack of respect for the earth’s living things. Our actions affect others. We human beings are the only species with the power to destroy the natural world as we know it. Yet, if we have such a capacity for destruction, so, too, do we have the capacity to protect wildlife and the environment,” he added. “We have an urgent responsibility to do so.”

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