Lisa Green Bolhuis created and is managing the US website for IceWind. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Communication Studies, Lisa spent over 15 years in the entertainment industry producing DVD menus and added-value content for most of the major film studios, as well as DVD board games, websites, and Online Digital Worlds. In 2014, she launched Bolhuis Design, a small boutique design house specializing in creating a customized presence on and offline for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

What’s your background in sustainability?
Not to feed in into stereotypes, but I grew up in Northern California so recycling, water conversation, etc. has always been part of daily life. I remember recycling all our cans, bottles, newspapers in my household and keeping it up when I left home.

My father enjoyed following tech and science – reading books, watching whatever was on PBS about the latest discoveries – and he passed that on to me. Additionally, all around my hometown are wind turbines, so the use of wind of power was never questioned. It just is the natural next step.

What do you do for IceWind?
I built and I continue to maintain the website. This means all the updates – graphical, technical and content – are handled by me. I also am working on integrations and upgrades to the site to make it a great customer experience.

What excites you about IceWind?
When Susan VonSeggern told me about IceWind I got so excited. The possibilities it opens up are amazing. The small footprint producing so much energy! The sustainability! Plus being into design, the sleek looks appeal to me.

If you could put an IW wind turbine anywhere, where would you set one up?
Not the most glamorous answer, but I want one in my backyard!

Favorite quote about Planet Earth?
I recently started reading about Buckminister Fuller and have become obsessed with him, so I while it is not about planet Earth, I am choosing this quote which I think describes IceWind:

““You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

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