Port Aransas, Texas – June 18, 2020 – Forward-looking Icelandic renewable wind power company IceWind will be demoing their micro wind turbine near mile marker 39 on Port Aransas Beach for the Independence Day weekend holiday crowds on July 3 and July 4 from 8 am to 2 pm.

Their San Marcos based investor and consultant Daryl Losaw, an affordable home builder, has organized the demo to show the amazing power and resiliency of these unique looking turbines, noting “Þetta reddast meaning in Icelandic ‘It will work out,’ we have a great story and showing off the turbines is the best way to tell it.”

Coming from the country of Ice and Fire, a young company is developing a new approach of capturing the wind. Based in a decommissioned coal power plant in Reykjavik, Iceland, IceWind is now in the final stages of development of their super rugged, vertical-axis micro wind turbines.

Developing an innovative turbine design, the company has looked to the past to design the future. And as cheaper residential micro wind turbines flood the market, IceWind is setting itself apart from the competition with a smart, simple design, using the highest quality construction materials.

IceWind CEO Saethor Asgeirsson states, ”The concept is simple: We’re taking time tested technologies and bringing them into the modern era. Using super-strong materials such as aerospace-grade aluminum, carbon fiber, and high-grade stainless steel, our turbines are built to withstand anything.”

Their unique design integrates two types of blades: ‘Savonieus’ drag type blades that date back to the Persian Empire, and ‘Darrieus’ lift type blades, commonly seen on conventional wind turbines and airplanes. This balanced combination results in a turbine that generates power in both mild and extreme wind conditions.

As all inhabitants of the arctic island, Asgeirsson and his team are no strangers to extreme storm and wind conditions. During the wintertime, winds regularly exceed 50 mph even within the capital area. While unfortunate for everyone else, these inclement weather conditions provide the perfect opportunity for IceWind to thoroughly test their turbines.

”It’s actually quite funny” states Asgeirsson. ”We are the only people in Iceland who get excited when there is crazy wind in the weather forecast. While everyone else is hunkering down at home, were huddled around a computer, excitedly watching our data feed.”

The young company is currently developing two product lines: one intended for mounting on telecom towers and in more extreme arctic conditions, and one for slightly milder residential applications. They are currently selling their turbines locally in Iceland, and plan to go to market in Europe and North America later this year.

”Testing here in Iceland has been very successful, and we’re excited to begin selling our products internationally. Our turbines survived Iceland – they will thrive everywhere else.”

Their Texas investor Losaw notes, “I am looking forward to showing potential customers a rugged, bird-safe, micropower generation method, that represents independence from fossil fuels over this appropriate weekend. Hopefully, it will inspire beachgoers to look at energy in a new way.”

For information about IceWind, please see https://icewind.is/. For press needs around the Port Aransas Beach demo, please contact Susan von Seggern on susan@susanvonsegger.com or 213-840-0077.