The Freya Durable Reliable Wind Turbine
When will your power systems be commercially available?
Q3 2022

Do you recommend the Freya for residential use?
The system is designed for industrial and commercial applications in need of distributed renewable energy in a remote area. We do not recommend the Freya for residential neighborhoods due variance in local codes and regulations. It is however suitable for off-grid cabins, farms, or ranches with proper local approval.

What is the price?
We have not yet set prices for our commercial units. We will publish that information on our website as soon as it is available.

Can I incorporate your product into a hybrid system?
Yes, it can be paired with solar and battery storage systems.

Who would do the install?
Installation would be done by a local electrician.

How much power does it make?
Specs for the CW100 can be found on this website, although performance depends on location, average wind speeds, and other factors. We expect our next models to have increased power due to improvements in electronics which we are currently developing.

Are you a publicly traded company?
No, we are a privately held company.

Can I pre-order?
We are not taking pre-orders at this time, but we encourage you to fill out the info form and we will alert you when we are ready to deliver units to the commercial market.

Are you signing up distributors?
We are not seeking distributors at this time.

When will your power systems be commercially available?

Expected availability is Q3 2022

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