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Vertical axis wind turbine for Commercial industries

Who We Are

IceWind is the premier manufacturer of compact vertical axis wind turbines for “critical industrial applications” like communications towers, emergency lighting, weather stations, and more. Utilizing durable materials for extremely long lifespans without maintenance and a combination of blades to provide low start-up speeds, lift, and constant power generation, IceWind’s turbines serve as a reliable renewable power solution in any environment.

IceWind formed in 2012 out of the necessity to create new, innovative renewable wind energy solutions to reduce global dependency on fossil fuels. Founded in the windy and harsh country of Iceland in the shell of an old coal power plant, CEO and Mechanical Engineer Sæþór Ásgeirsson began designing formidable turbines capable of withstanding hurricanes, blizzards, sleet, snow, hail, and almost any inclement weather conditions. IceWind is currently developing our next generation turbines for the North American market and beyond, with plans for commercial delivery in 2022.

At IceWind, we believe in sustainability. Our team is driven to making wind energy accessible to anyone, from windy neighborhoods to the most remote and harsh regions of the globe. We strive towards becoming a global impact leader, building a brighter future while cutting carbon emissions, one turbine at a time.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be a global impact leader in decentralized energy generation through the democratized use of renewable power.

Our vision is to contribute to a clean, efficient and socially impactful energy solution that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world.​​

Investment Opportunities

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