Durham, North Carolina – Last Thursday IceWind USA presented at the Duke Energy Innovation Showcase during Energy Week at Duke University. While originally planned as an in-person event, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the event was moved online. This enabled both members of the Duke community and others interested in the latest in renewable and energy conservation technology to attend remotely.

IceWind’s virtual booth was manned by Robert Gerber and Sam Gerbus. Both are involved in sales for IceWind, while Robert also handles government relations and Sam is a mechanical engineer specializing in renewable energy technology. The booth was visited by a number of grad students and professionals in the renewable energy industry, and we received a high level of interest and praise for IceWind’s turbines.

After giving a brief presentation about IceWind, Robert led a discussion on possible use cases for IceWind’s turbines, some of the uses the group came up with included truck stops (so truckers don’t run their engines all night), EV charging stations, and powering off-shore oil platforms.

Other notable companies that presented included BlocPower, a Brooklyn-based energy technology startup rapidly greening American cities; Grid Alternative, the nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer and job training organization; and San Jose Clean Energy, a city agency that combines the demand for power from their customers and sources clean, renewable energy at competitive rates through a not-for-profit business model, along with 13 other cutting edge energy companies and organizations.

Overall the event was a resounding success in general and for IceWind in particular. We are very grateful to the Energy Week at Duke and the Duke Energy Innovation Showcase team, especially Akshay Krishnan for having us!

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