Extreme Energy Solutions

We develop a power platform featuring a robust micro wind turbine paired with smart electronics, providing a distributed energy solution for commercial and government applications, suited for all weather conditions, in the most remote locations.

The Freya

The Freya is built as a sustainable energy solution. These site installed, durable, reliable turbines increase energy independence on or off-grid while providing power at low wind speeds with minimal maintenance.

The Njord

The Njord is built for primary industrial power generation and as a power supplementation solution, reducing operational costs and increasing power reliability. The Njord is built durable and resistant to system failures, meaning blackouts are never an issue.

Low Operation Cost

Robust turbine design results in little/no maintenance over 20-year life-time​​

Wide Operation Range

Start up speeds as low as 2 m/s, tested to withstand windspeeds of 60 m/s​​

Omni-direction Design

Reliable, self-sufficient operation, “set-and-forget” installation​​

Icewind at Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Njord Turbine infront of errupting volcano
Njord turbine infront of volcano
Njord turbine next to errupting volcano
Njord Turbines on rocky hill

Energy Consulting​

We also provide off-grid consulting for custom solutions. Contact us for your inquiries involving:​​

Wind Power
Solar Power
Hybrid Solution

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